The Rational Think Tank is composed of a diverse network of practitioners and students with a shared vision and a passion for Rational Thinking. A core team of six members currently serves as the Management Board, which is further supported by the Advisory Board.

Management Board

RTT-10 Philip J. Hattemer
Philip J. Hattemer is in his second year at Bucerius Law School. Before enrolling in university, he has been trained to become a Hypnotist and partly trained in Neurolinguistic Programming. During this time, his penchant for psychology led him into Rational Thinking.
 RTT-8 Marc-Julian Grabiger
Vice Chairman
Julian Grabiger has been working for several years as a Strategic Planner at Euro RSCG, one of the largest integrated marketing communications agencies in the world. He was responsible for targeted advertising campaigns and part of the business development branch. Previously, he was employed as a Consultant specialized for IT and digitization strategies with the German-Romanian consultancy firm Metromind, where he led a wide variety of multi-national projects. He has a professional degree as Specialist for Marketing Communication and a B.A. in International Management. He is currently pursuing his Master of Law and Business from Bucerius Law School.
RTT-4 Sinan Tiras
Chief Strategy Officer
Besides his position as board member to his family’s business and general partner of the family office, Sinan is a PhD candidate at Claussen Simon Graduate Center at HSBA and research associate at the department of Finance & Banking. He holds a vocational degree in banking as well as an M.Sc. from King’s College London, specialising in Behavioral Finance throughout his academic career. Having been an entrepreneur in Berlin and Hong Kong, Sinan is especially interested in the complexities of societies, politics and economies, as well as biological organisms. He is a member of Die Familienunternehmer and Friedrich A. von Hayek Gesellschaft.
 Tim Weckmar Tim Weckmar
Chief of Staff
Rebecca Schlottmann
 RTT-6 Florian Zink
General Secretary
Florian Zink is in his second year at Bucerius Law School. The year before university, he completed his A-levels. He is passionate about fitness and enjoys debating with friends and fellow students. Quite recently, he learned about Rational Thinking and from that moment it became something he wants to learn more about and get people involved in.

Advisory Board

 RTT-12 Kathrin Meier
Interim Speaker of Advisory Board
Kathrin Meier is an experienced aerospace professional and has been working for several years at the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus. While progressing her career within the field of procurement, she developed a specific interest for biases in sourcing processes and behavioral supply chain management. Kathrin holds an M.Sc. in business administration from the WFI Ingolstadt School of Management and is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.